Judy Spencer's Celebrant Services


When someone you love dies, it’s important to honour their life with a ceremony. It does not have to be too sad, it can be joyful and soulful at the same time. It can be spiritual and reflective, it can be warm and funny. It can be all of those things.

For many years I was a registered nurse who worked with people who were dying. As a palliative care nurse, I came to know and understand many families who were sad and grieving. It seems an unusual thing to say, but working with bereaved families, listening to the story of the person who has died, is a real privilege and something I have always enjoyed.

It is a time when families and friends feel most vulnerable, when celebrants and funeral directors must treat you with sensitivity and respect and with a great deal of empathy.

This is one of the reasons I offer an individual service as a funeral celebrant. To be able to do so in a way that ensures the life story of the person who has died, is captured in a ceremony that is long remembered by family and friends is something I feel proud that I can achieve.